Portable tap filter

599 INR

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The Portable Tap Filter is designed for filtering out sediment particles (Eg, Dirt and Sand etc.) water bone microorganism and harmful organic substances

The replace period of the said filter is 8-9 months. However, it can be changed according to the is using environment such as water quality, pressure and etc.

1.Recommended for Tap Water
2.Sediment Filtration (Up to 0.2 micron)
3.Reduces water bone micro organism and harmful organic substances
4.Electric power supply is not required
5.No wastage of water
6.Capacity up to 3,000 – 4,000 Ltrs / 8-9 months (whichever is earlier)


The above product works under standard condition:-

a) Turbidity:<1NTU
b) PH range:6-8
c) Temp(degree) range:5C-35C
d) TDS: less then 500ppm

# Frequently Asked Question
1 Question: How do i use NirNal Portable tap filter?
Answer:1.1 be Fit the Portable Tap filter onto the TAP
1.2 Adjust the screw to fix the filter with the tap tightly.
1.3 Check for any leakage.
1.4 Now you are ready to use the Portable TAP filtered water
2 Question: How will i know when to change my filter?
Answer: This depends on the intake quality of water, but NirNal assures clean and safe drinking water upto 4000ltrs (LIFE up to 8-9 months). Recommended for tap water.

Additional information

Weight 0275 kg
Dimensions 34 cm
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