Travel bottle filter

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The Travel Bottle Filter designed for any PET Bottles available into the market filters out sediment particles(Ex: Dirt & Sand etc.) water borne microorganisms and harmful organic substances. It can be changed according to the using environment such as intake water quality, pressure etc.

1. Recommended for Tap Water
2. Removes bacteria, parasites and micro plastics
3. Durable and ultralight
4. Sediment filtration (Upto 0.2 microns)
5. Capacity 1000-1500 Ltrs/ 6 Months (Whichever is earlier)
6. Suitable for any PET bottles as well as wider mouth bottles.



# Advantages Features How to use
1 Convenient Reusable Fits for PET Bottle (Soft/Soda drink bottle Generally available in the market) as well as wider mouth bottles
2 Clean Water Portable Fill the water from regular tap water
3 Convenient & easy to use Reusable Fix NirNalTM Travel Bottle Filter into the bottle and Squeeze and drink the water For Wider mouth bottles attach the straw to the filter and put the filter inside the bottle.
4 Cost-Effective Eco-friendly
# Frequently Asked Question
1 Question: What does NirNalTM remove from water?
Answer: NirNalTM Travel Bottle filter reduces chlorine (taste, odor and particulates), Bacteria upto 99.9%, and Filter upto 1000-1500 ltrs to deliver great-tasting NirNalTM Filtered water.
2 Question:How do you know when you have used your Travel Bottle Filter to the maximum. (Expiration)?
Answer: When the NirNalTM Travel Bottle Filter reaches the 1000-1500 liters of water, it will automatically become clogged.
3 Question: What is the shelf life of a NirNalTM Travel Bottle Filter?
Answer: The Self life of an unused, packaged filter is 12-18 months. Filters should be kept in the sealed NirNalTM bag and stored in a cool, dry place until you’re ready to use them.

Additional information

Weight 00.75 kg
Dimensions 36 × 26 × 45 cm
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